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Camila de Caux (they/she) is a writer and anthropologist. Their interests, formed in the confluence between literary aesthetics and anthropological questioning, revolve around notions of multiple ontologies and corporeality, and their reverberations in political practices. Since 2010, they have been working with the Araweté ethnic group, in the Brazilian Amazon, describing women's forms of sociality, often invisible in ethnological descriptions. They concluded their Ph.D. in Social Anthropology at the Brazilian National Museum in 2015 and published the book Araweté: um povo da Amazônia (with Eduardo Viveiros de Castro and Guilherme Heurich, 2017).

Since 2016, they have been working mainly on literary writing. In 2017, they were awarded an Art Creation Grant (Faperj/SEC-RJ, Brazil) for their first novel. Their essays, poems, and short stories have appeared in Ruído Manifesto, mallarmagens, Revista DR, and elsewhere. They are co-editor of the online publication

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