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I am a deaf writer, artist, and ethnologist.


Born in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte, I spent a considerable part of my adult life in Rio de Janeiro and Altamira, choosing Berlin as my home about five years ago. My works, a compound between research, literature, and artistic installations, engage primarily with the soil, and how memories can be composted by it. An ethnography of the “more-than-human”, or after Haraway, an ethnography of humus (instead of humans), they try to experiment within the "nepantla" spaces “where different realities converge” (Anzaldúa 2009). By incorporating writing, eating, erasing, abrading, concealing, eroding, my works delve into the encounter between alien forms of expression. 

My experiments in nature-writing have been exhibited in different venues in Germany. My essays, poems, and short stories have been published in Brazilian magazines such as Ruído Manifesto, mallarmagens, Revista DR. With Aline Baiana and Eric Macedo, I am part of the artistic collective mordo. I am also the co-editor of the online magazine

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