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+visual arts


Installation, watercolors, and poems, 2022.

figure/ground is a collection of objects found in the ground around the forest near the Schloss Solitude. By engaging in daily gestures of observation, contact, and enchantment, the practice involved looking at the ground and finding the minimal stories presented by each object. The collection was then translated into index cards (watercolors + poems), evoking a delicate satire of the methods of classification.


The objects are displayed in constellations, each time creating a new narrative according to their vicinity to other objects. An archive box gathers the index cards. The spectator engages in a cross-reference game by comparing the objects in the archive with those on the floor. The ensemble is “an archive of the unarchivable”, wrote Carlos Marilyn Monroy in their curatorial text, “a poetic parody to reveal why we are all here. The light reflecting on our mirrored eyes can be oriented to what matters to us”.

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